Wednesday, 25 August 2010

The Perfect Red lips

Red lips is a reoccuring theme on the catwalks and in magazines, but it's not an easy one to get right. If done correctly you can avoid looking like you've just stepped out of an 80's music video!
1. Be sure to get the right colour for your skin tone. It tends to be that the paler you are the more suited you are to a red with blue undertones. For darker skin, red with orange/pinky tones are good. A staple matt red lipstick in every make-up artists kit is Rubywoo by Mac. It is the one I used on Paloma Faith for a shoot for recognise magazine. and also at the Martin Margiela show in Paris last season.
2. Matt lipticks are great for longevity but can be quite ageing. Lipsticks with a sheer finish tend to be more flattering.
My favourites are
  • Matt reds - Illamasquas Maneater and Shu Umera 165.
  • Sheer reds - Laura Merciers Truly red and Urban Decays Revolution.
3. Always use a brush or a pencil if you want a perfect outline. Lip liner alone is a great way to acheive a precise red lip and  Barry M's number 3 is a fabulous bright crimson.
4. Paling down the lips first with a bit of lip primer/concealer makes it easier to be more precise.
5. Once you've finished the first coat, blot with tissue and add another coat.
6. A great tip to make sure your lips are even - Hold a small mirror below your chin at an angle and you will be able to see more easily if areas need filling out.
7. For those less brave who want a more subtle look just dab a small amount of lipstick on top of some lip balm and gently rub it in with your finger.