Friday, 24 June 2011

Top Tips for Tanning

These are obvious steps to applying fake tan, but each step must be done to perfection to ensure a streak free glow.
1. Exfoliate - Use a body buffing brush or glove and an exfoliator with granules to scrub away the dead skin cells.
2. Make sure your skin is well moisturised, but also that the moisture has been fully absorbed by the skin before you apply your tan. Don't use oils as they sit on the skin for too long.
3. The reason you get streaks is either due to lack of exfoliation, or that you have not applied enough tanning product. My favourite is St tropez bronzing mousse.I pump out about four or five pumps for just one calf. 
4. If you are using a tanning product on your face, a spray works best as it avoids streaks and finger marks. For darker skin I love ModelCo spray tan. I use it to top up my tan at the end of the summer.
 5. On shoots when models need to be instantly tanned I like to use Laura Mercier bronzing gel for the face with thier cult bronzer Laguna.
For the body Rimmels sun shimmer is also great for an instant glow.
6. Be careful not to over do it!!!! ( a very commom mistake!!!) On the face it's best to have a flawless application of foundation with a touch of bronzer; unless of course you're auditioning for the next series of The only way is Essex!!!!

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Becca and Blush

 Becca (one of my favourite brands of make-up) has some amazing new products. The Halcyon collection, an assortment of subtle coral pink and bronzing products are a must in your make-up bag for the summer.
 I prefer to use cream blushers to powder blushers. Powder on the skin is ageing and can sometimes look chalky and unnatural. However, there are always exceptions, and Becca’s mineral blushers are it.  Flowerchild, a pinky blush with golden highlights is my new favourite.
 A tip for applying powder blusher is to make sure that your foundation is not too wet, make sure it has dried propely; apply a light dusting of powder or bronzer and then apply the blush. A matt surface will ensure the blusher blends well and doesn't look patchy. If you are using cream blushers the reverse is true. Don’t apply on powdered skin and make sure you have a well moisturised surface. I always use my finger to blend.
If you prefer to use creams and are looking for a long wearing blusher then I suggest Becca’s amazing waterproof beach tints; a cult product that I always use on Brides. Try grapefruit for a punchy coral or the fig for a muted natural pink.

 Another little tip for blusher - Lipstick on the cheeks can work wonders. Sheer lipsticks are really great - Try peace by No17 
If you're looking for beauty on a budget then No.17 is a good option. They have some great nail polishs for summer - a fabulous grey and bright pink and the sheer lipsticks are another treat worth purchasing.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011


I have good hair - Long and thick, and capable of looking great after a trip to my hair dresser (even if I say so myself!!). Over the years I've not paid too much attention to it. No dyes, highlights or products and until recently, any shampoo and conditioner have been satisfactory. However, now I am approaching 30, it's all beginning to change. My hair is no longer in ship shape condition: split ends are becoming a regular nuisance;  the odd bit of dandruff is making an occurrence and there is a general unruliness that only a trip to the salon can sort. This year I have invested in countless products that claim to leave hair voluminous, glossy, sleek and bouncy; but only a few have made the cut.
Ojon is the hair treatment range developed by Denis Simioni, thanks to his discovery of the Tawira people; a tribe known as the 'people of beautiful hair'. It uses naturally derived ingredients from the remote forests of Central America to help restore your hairs natural beauty.
I've been spritzing the revitalizing mist before my blow dry and finishing with the amazing glossing mist. It has made all the difference. I use a lot of oils on my face and often find them more effective than moisturiser, so it is no surprise to find that the special ingredient in Ojon is in fact a natural oil. The velvety-smooth, golden elixir is obtained from the nut of the native Ojon tree and is hand-extracted according to ancient, eco-friendly traditions. In one year, a single Ojon tree yields less than 8000 nuts, just enough to produce 3 cups of this precious natural ingredient. The purity of this precious oil is what creates its natural affinity for hair.
On Thursday Ojon launches 5 brand new ranges and I can’t wait to get my hands on the Damage reverse restorative hair treatment. You can purchase Ojon online at Harrods or John Lewis

Monday, 6 June 2011

Too Many Bracelets

This beautiful collection of friendship bracelets has been designed and produced exclusively in aid of Too Many Women, an incredible campaign that aims to raised £1,000,000 for Breakthrough Breast Cancer.
These trinkets are the perfect summer accessory and are this weeks Elle Magazine buy of the week.
Purchase them online at