Friday, 15 October 2010

Foundation Favourites

Flawless Foundation

Friends are always asking my advice on which foundations to buy.

Firstly, it really depends on your skin type.....Everyone has individual needs, so what works for one person may not be right for the next. Knowing where to start can be quite daunting, but I have listed a few of my favourites and added some useful tips to help you create the perfect base for your make-up.

Many people shy away from foundation as they feel it’s too heavy, but there are light formulas out there, that if used sparingly, help to even out the skin tone without creating an unflattering mask.  Foundation should not be applied too heavily; it should blend in with the skin to compliment what is already there and create a flawless finish. If you have blemishes, spots or redness that need extra coverage, then use a concealer. I like to use Bobbi Brown and Becca concealer sticks for this.

If however, you still prefer something lighter, there are some great tinted moisturisers to choose from. My skin is fairly unproblematic, so during the day when I want a really natural finish, I often use my Laura mercier tinted moisturiser or my Giorgio Armani face fabric.

·         When choosing your foundation, rub a little in around your jaw line to check the colour. It should blend in well and not look obvious.
·         Preparing your skin well is essential before foundation. Exfoliate if you have any dry/flaky areas and make sure your skin is well moisturised. This will make your make-up last longer and also appear less heavy.

Mac Face and Body This is a great foundation that leaves a natural and sheer finish to the skin. You can build it up if you need more coverage and it comes in a wide range of colours. I use it a lot on models and also on myself.
With more mature skin, especially around the eyes, be careful not to apply anything too matt. You need foundations with light reflective formulas. Chanel vitalumier is another one of my favourites. It offers more coverage than the Mac face and body so I tend to wear it in the evening for a more made up look. It leaves a beautiful dewy veil on the skin, however if you have oily skin I would suggest using the Chanel Matt lumiere.

Chanel and Mac are my choice of brands for foundation. However, I also occasionally use
Giorgio Armani -Luminous silk foundation which also has a beautifully natural sheer finish.
I really think it’s worth spending the money on good foundation, however for a cheaper alternative try myface.cosmetics, which is quite similar to the Mac face and body.

I use my hands to apply foundation and once it’s settled onto the skin, I use a light translucent powder to dust over the tea zone to get rid of any shine. I love Mac prep and prime and Make-up forever HD translucent powder.

Happy shopping!

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Paris 'La Pharmacie'

The Obscure backstage at Margiela. Lab coats and Latex in abundance!

4.30am alarm bell rings, and by 6.30am I'm on the Eurostar to Paris. With time to spare before the Margiela show, I head to my favourite shop in Paris... La Pharmacie!! I stocked up on Bioderma's crealine cleanser, an essential for my kit.

It's a delicate, water based cleanser for sensitive skin, and models always request it after the shows. It's not available in the UK, but worth knowing about, for when you next cross the channel. I can get through bottles of the stuff during fashion week, but fortunatley not a lot was needed for the Margiela show. The only make-up the models were removing was a little concealer. Minimal make-up meant we could really pamper  and prep their skin with goodies such as Dermalogica daily microfoliant
I also used another of my favourite products, Clarins beauty flash balm. I love applying this before my make-up, and usually mix it in with my moisturiser for a dewy finish.