Wednesday, 22 December 2010

You Tube Debut

If you want to know the technique for a quick smokey eye take a look at my master class on you tube.
I have also added some other master classes to my blog using some of the beautiful make-up by Becca.

Monday, 13 December 2010

I wish I'd been a ballerina.......

Today I was shooting the graceful Prima ballerina Lauretta Scales. She is appearing in the upcoming Nutcraker, and although still only a baby at 18, is already being compared to Darcy Bussell. I prepared her make-up backstage in the changing room, where each girl has their own station, equipped with a mirror, and a rail for their beautiful costumes. There's no space for make-up artists or hair stylists here; a ballerina has to master the art of powder and hair pins alone. I watched Lauretta pin the perfect French role in her hair in less than ten minutes and with regards to make-up she said fake eyelashes were essential; a firm telling off is given to the dancers if they venture near the stage without them.

Lashes are definitely on trend this season, and I have some helpful tips on how to apply them.

Tools needed - Lashes, Lash glue (duo glue in white), tweezers and scissors.

1. Curl lashes and apply mascara before you apply your fake ones.
2. Make sure you check the length and cut them correctly before applying.
3. Put a small amount of glue on the back of your hand and wait a few seconds for it to become tacky, then pick up the lashes with your tweezers and coat the root with you glue.
4. The trick is to apply the lashes right at the root of your natural lash and not on the skin. Drop the lashes on top of your own lashes at the root, and the glue will hold them here securely.
5. If you want a subtle look go for individual lashes, my favourite are by Ardell. They don’t have the knot at the roots so are more easily hidden amongst your natural lashes.
- Applying a black liner on the top lash line will disguise any visible knots.
6. For a fun festive look try shopping at Shu Uemura, or alternatively check out these beautifully handmade paper lashes