Friday, 30 March 2012

Lashings of no Mascara

I have just returned from a perfect week skiing in the sunshine, only to be welcomed back to England by even more glorious weather. The daffodils will be in bloom soon and the shop windows are full of pretty pastels. It's my favourite time of  year, full of long evenings sipping rose with friends, picnics in the park and holidays. My only problem with holidays, is how to address the question of make-up? Obviously make-up in the evening is acceptable and essential, but day time make-up can be a tricky one to get right. You don't want to look vain and apply lashings of mascara and black eyeliner before breakfast. When you're surrounded by friends and family, who cares what you look like..right? But then again..How many of your friends have seen you in the morning tired and hungover, with absolutely no make-up!! Swimming pools, beaches and ski slopes are not make up friendly places. Your mascara runs, foundation doesn't last and the bright sunshine makes any bronzing blemishes very noticeable.  With all this to consider before my recent holiday, I went and had some semi permanent lashes applied - something I was always rather adverse to, having seen so many disasters. However, I'm now a convert. I was so surprised at how natural they looked and how they made such a noticeable difference. You can't use mascara with them, but there really is no need. I am told they should last about 4 weeks, and once they start to look a bit sparse it is best to remove them with an oily eye make-up remover, or like me book in for your next set. I can only recommend the girl I used called Asma at Becca London.
   Take a look at my before and after lashes. Its tricky to see in the pictures but believe me they're well worth considering before your summer hols....

 the treatment process takes about 45mins