Sunday, 4 September 2011

Vintage tins

Having completely rejected my blog for the past month, I'm now back from holidays and returning to work. After my first meeting up in town this morning, I made a trip to my favourite shopping haunt, Libertys.
I love wondering around this haven of sweet smelling aromas and amazing beauty products, always finding something new and exciting to add to my kit.
I'm not one for being enticed by the packaging of a product, always valuing quality above all else. However, today, some vintage tins and whimsically illustrated jars caught my attention straight away. Andrea Garland is an Aromatherapist who has decided to package her handmade natural balms in little pill boxes, old compacts and rustic tins. Totally natural and organic, the balm can be refilled once it's been used up, allowing you to keep hold of your pretty packet and at the same time be friendly to the environment. Whilst the packaging is really lovely, the products themselves are great too. I love to use natural balms and her Rosy facial balm felt delightful on my skin. With an array of different vintage packets, not a single one the same, they make for a perfect unique beauty gift.