Thursday, 12 January 2012

Ageing Gracefully

I always start the new year with the best intentions. January - drink less, eat less and exercise more. So far so good, but with no alcohol or chocolate and hellish body conditioning classes, I am fully consumed by the January blues. It doesn't help that my skin is white and pasty and post Christmas bulges are stubbornly sitting on my hips and thighs, reminding me that now I am 30, a  'moment on the lips really is a lifetime on the hips....'

As I begin to deteriorate with age, I'd like nothing more than beautiful skin to accompany me on my way. I realise this is no mean feat, with the laws of science against me. It is from now on, 'only going to get worse', as my mother so kindly put it; but one should always make the most of a bad situation and there is so much on the market to help delay the dreaded ageing process. First week of January I booked myself in for a free skin consultation at balance clinic http   I had a number of scans, showing bad UV damage, some blocked pores and just one wrinkle (that cheered me up no end. Bottom - bad, wrinkles not so bad, Hurrah!!). The amount of sun damage is really quite shocking and in response I have been given a new skin regime to follow. I have started using an holistic brand called Skin Therapy by Julia D Hunter which includes a Vitamin C powder and a Maximal strength Hydrating gel. ://

For anti ageing products always look out for Vitamin C, Retinol (vitamin A), and Hyaluronic acid. These three ingredients are strong anti oxidants. They fight the free radicals produced from the sun and pollutants which cause cell damage, and they help to renew collagen and keep the skin hydrated. A sunscreen is also a paramount ingredient in anti ageing products and should be used daily. However, blocking the sun will decrease your vitamin D intake, so be sure to take supplements. You want vitamin D3 1000 i.u. Doctors have seen a big increase in vitamin D deficiency recently, due to people increasing their usage of sunscreens.

Julia D Hunter is a dermatologist with a practice in Beverly Hills. Her brand is new to the UK and looks to be a big hit. I especially like her holistic approach, emphasising that the skin is just a window to what is going on inside. You will never cure the skin pathology unless you cure the internal cause. She promotes a healthy diet and lifestyle. So whilst I forbid myself from every bad ingredient this January and apply my new creams, I am looking forward to youthful glowing skin come February. Only one problem, it may not last; life's too short not to enjoy a bottle of wine, a bar of chocolate and a bathe on a beach. Everything in moderation I guess? And there we have it, a much more sensible new years resolution!!!

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