Friday, 21 September 2012

London Fashion week.


 A few of the models I made up for the Moschino show and JW Anderson show.
All make-up by Mac.

London fashion week has finally come to an end. After too many 5am starts and late finishes, I now have a few days to chill out and catch up on sleep. I also get to post some tips, pictures and product knowledge I collected during the mayhem.
During fashion week shows are usually sponsored by a brand who will provide ALL the make-up. Not ideal when you haven't worked with the products before or have a better alternative in a different brand!
Mac teams saturate backstage, sponsoring a load of the shows and placing their Pro teams amongst the other freelance make-up assistants. Other brands include L'Oreal, Revlon, Rimmel and MaxFactor. Mostly, it's big high street brands with big budgets. Luxury brands such as Chanel, Dior, Armani etc.. don't really have as much of a presence apart from on their own shows. However, there is always a YSL touche eclat, or a Chanel mascara floating around, out of site from photographers and press.

Backsatge at Topshop Unique Show (using the flush blush cheek colour on the eyes)

This season my shows were sponsored by L'Oreal, Rimmel, Topshop and Mac. I know Mac and Topshop make-up well, but previously L'Oreal and Rimmel didn't feature too heavily in my kit.......  Make-up artists can be a bit snobby about products, having cases filled with all the most expensive and exclusive collections. However I found some really good affordable make-up this week, which rivals a lot of the over priced rubbish out there.

It adapts to the colour of your skin and isn't too heavy, mix it with a little L'oreal Magic Lumi Primer and you can achieve a glowing finish.

Rimmel Kate collection and Pringle Presentation 

The new Rimmel Kate collection of lipsticks launches in October.  No. 111 Kiss of life (2nd in line) and no. 110 (4th in line) is what we used on the models at the Pringle presentation.
Rimmel also have a good selection of waterproof kohl liners launching soon. I really liked the nude colour, good to use for the inside of the eye to open them up. Launching October the 6th, I am told. A bargain at just £3.99.

This season I also got to head up my own team, for designer Jayne Piersons presentation. I used a great lipstick pencil called Hedonist by Topshop mixed with a Mac pencil called Summertime and finished the look with loads of mascara. I love the L'Oreal volume million lashes in extra black

Jayne Pierson Presentation


Every make-up artist has them, they are on every station backstage and to turn up to a show without them would be, quite frankly, unprofessional!!

2. Mac Face and Body

3. Embryolisse moisturiser

Off on Wednesday for Paris shows... so more to report on next week.....

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  1. Hi Antonia!
    I always see that you recommend Mac Face & Body and, as a make-up artist myself,I am looking to add these to my kit. Do you have a suggestion on good starter colours? I obviously don't want to purchase them all!