Thursday, 29 November 2012

Vintage Make up

One of my favorite clients is Rokit Vintage. Each season I head to their warehouse in Seven Sisters to shoot their look book. The warehouse is a goldmine of treasures, an assortment of vintage clothing from all the grand eras; Some classic designer pieces, from Levis first edition denim jackets to 80's floral Dior blouses but also some non designer pieces. I also love the amazing accessories.

Usually when you shoot a look book, it's one make up look through out and preferably as simple and fresh as possible, but with Rokit, I get to have a lot of fun with vintage make up looks. This season we did 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's make-up.

Below are a few pictures and some tips on how to re create the looks yourself.

50's Check List

- Brow powder ... A Big Brow is classic 50's... I used Clinique Brow Pencil and added some brown shadow to make them really dense
- Lashes...... I used super full lashes by Ardell and added loads of mascara. Just coat the top lashes.
- Black liner.... I used Topshop Black gel need a fairly thick line on the top lash line and a perfect flick.
- Red lipstick.....I used No17 Hot Chilli lipstick - Great colour and a bargain.
- Contour cream or powder............I used Tom Ford shade and illuminate..My favourite product at the moment, even though it costs a hefty £55.

60'S Check List

- Black Gel Liner...You need a thick line around the lashes. Paint think oblong lashes on the bottom. I used Black track by Mac.
- White eye liner...for inside the eye. I used Mac Chromographic pencil in NC15/NW20
- White and Charcoal eyeshadows... Use a white or pastel eyeshadow on the lid and then create a strong socket line with a grey or black eyeshadow. Add fake lashes to finish the look.
- Nude or pink Lipstick.... Mac Myth
- Pink Blush..... Something Special by Mac

Check List

- Blue Liner and Shadow.... I used Mac Hi Def Cyan pencil... Circle around the eyelid and blend with blue shadows. I used Topshop Jackdaw eyeshadow, Mac Tilt eyeshadow and Becca Luella Jewel dust on top.
Lahes.... I used Eylure Naturlites Lengthening...
Thick black mascara.. coat the top and bottom heavily. I used L'Oreal volume million lashes..
- Nude Lipstick...I used Topshop Nevada Lipstck
- Bronzer...Use a matt bronzer, a good one is Guerlian. Create a contour with this but also add it all over for a flush of colour.

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